Cine Qua Non Lab is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to develop independent cinema by providing a space for filmmakers to envision and develop their work, bringing them together to exchange ideas, share perspectives and find new opportunities for collaboration. Cine Qua Non Lab holds an annual call for applicants of its core program, the Script Revision Lab. The lab allows talented filmmakers the opportunity to develop and revise their scripts in an intensive workshop that provides not only incredible feedback, but also a lifelong community of other like-minded filmmakers.Cine Qua Non Lab is located in Tzintzuntzan, a small town in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, approximately 50km from the city of Morelia. The working and living spaces are tucked amidst the beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountains, overlooking Lake Pátzcuaro, a quiet natural retreat with a variety of private indoor and outdoor working spaces.