This program has been temporarily suspended

Every year, Cine Qua Non Lab offers one of its past participants the opportunity to serve as Academic Assistant at the Script Revision Lab. From 2011 through 2013, the Academic Assistant was selected by direct invitation through an informal process. In 2014, Cine Qua Non Lab officially launched the CQNL Fellowship.

The CQNL Fellowship is given every year to one former participant in the Script Revision Lab interested in collaborating with Cine Qua Non Lab as Academic Assistant at the lab. The Fellowship is a great way for the alumni to give back to Cine Qua Non Lab, but also to keep in touch and create opportunities for collaboration with new participants in the lab.

The application to the Fellowship is by invitation only. In exchange for helping Cine Qua Non Lab run the Script Revision Lab, the Fellow receives a stipend, housing, meals, and travel expenses. In addition, the Fellow has the opportunity to participate in all workshop activities, including a one-on-one session with the lab facilitator.

Héctor Falcón Villa

Héctor Falcón Villa

Academic Assistant

David Barba 2015 Academic Coordinator

David Barba

Academic Assistant

Mauro Mueller 2014 Academic Coordinator

Mauro Mueller

Academic Assistant

Jeannie Donohoe 2013 Academic Coordinator

Jeannie Donohoe

Academic Assistant

Jesús Alarcón 2011-2013 Academic Coordinator

Jesús Alarcón

Academic Assistant